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Replacement TV Aerial Edinburgh

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This week we were called out to a village outside Edinburgh as our customer was not receiving all the digital free-view channels, when we arrived we quickly spotted our customer had an out of date B’ Group aerial pointing towards Black hill, which we knew would not receive all the digital mux’s due to the transmitter changed from a B’ Group to a wideband with the digital switchover.  Our call for a replacement TV aerial Edinburgh was 100% needed.  Our customer’s beautiful cottage was tiled and had a chimney stack in the middle, before I knocked the door I wondered why their 10element Yargi was fitted to the gable end above the bedroom, in view from the garden and allowing the birds to poo over the patio.  I knew we at central aerials could do a whole lot better for our customer.

Replacement TV Aerial Edinburgh

We chatted to our customers and listened to their needs, their existing aerial was fed into the main bedroom and then through the floor to the ceiling of the sitting room.  Our customer’s wanted their replacement TV aerial Edinburgh to kept the same way so if in future they required a TV point in the bedroom they could.  I slightly changed the configuration making the installation invisible, neat and more permanent by stapling down the new coax cable to the desired point of the room keeping the white aerial coax lead out of sight.  I enquired if I could attach the new replacement aerial on the chimney stack and our customer’s was not too sure about the support of their chimney stack so I took my customer’s to my van and showed them an extra-large 18” chimney cradle which takes up 7/8 brick courses guaranteeing an outstanding support for the new replacement TV aerial.  Once our customer had seen the extra-large chimney cradle they were more than happy to have their new aerial fitted to the chimney stack.

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