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Sky VS Freeview, what to choose?


Many people pose this question when considering contracting Sky TV: if there is the possibility of enjoying Freeview–and I don’t have to pay monthly–why would I subscribe to a Sky TV option like BT TV?

The reception quality of both systems is fantastic, so we can’t decide according to technological terms. In addition, both of them provide great content but there are some differences that we are going to list:

Freeview provides around 80 TV channels and almost 30 radio stations. Some of the channels are the same than those provided by Pay TV (such as Sky TV), such as Channel 4, Channel 5 or BBC. Otherwise, Sky TV offers a much wider range of channels following the latest trends: just the cheapest Sky TV package provides 280 TV channels and more than 60 radio channels (and there are more expensive packages that provides many more options). So one of the reasons that will help you make your decision could be the time you have to enjoy all this content.

It is important to highlight that the movies and TV shows provided by Freeview are usually more out-dated, so if you want to watch all the latest popular TV series as they are released, Sky TV will allow you to do that. Regarding sports, it is true that Freeview users are able to watch several football matches, tennis, formula 1… but we must point out that the most important sporting events are broadcasted live on Sky TV, such as some of the Champions League matches or the British Open.

A positive point of Sky TV is that you can choose among different packages or bundles according to your interests, which means that you don’t have to pay for all channels but your subscription will focus on those channels that offer content that you like (i.e. movies, sports, leisure…).

Another advantage of Sky TV over the Freeview is that most of the Sky TV systems provide set top boxes, through which you can record, rewind and pause. It will help you not to miss any of your favourite TV programmes.

In conclusion, there is not one better option than the other. It depends on your needs, your time and your budget.

And you, what do you prefer?

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